Dividend – Strategy

Dividend stocks are one of the most powerful tools for building long-term wealth.

Conservative Investors looking for a steady flow of income, who are confronted with a low interest environment which offers almost no more returns on investment grade bond investments, are opting more and more to invest in dividend stocks.

SwissDirekt invests in high quality stocks with high dividend payments which will return between 4%-5% on the investment. SwissDirekt invests mainly in Swiss stocks.

Our focus is on companies from the five defensive sectors, Health, Food, Pharma, Telecom and Utility which are less sensitive to the business cycle. Those companies tend to grow less fast in an environment of economic expansion but are more stable in economically difficult periods as in contrast to cyclical technology stocks. As a result defensive stocks tend to loose not as much in market corrections.

The portfolio needs to be followed regularly to make necessary adjustments and to build a position over time. The construction of the portfolio needs a lot of experience and is important for the overall success of the investment. As important are bank fees. We will assist you in the choice of the account holding bank. We recommend Corner Bank in Switzerland.

The investment should be considered to be a long term approach.


Investment Manager

SwissDirekt AG is incorporated as a financial intermediary in Switzerland and is listed in the register of commerce of the canton of Zug. The company is licensed and authorized by SRO PolyReg.



August 2016 -  December 2021  +38% - net of all fees

Year To Date  DEC  2022  = 3,9%