Corner Trader – Modern online trading in combination with the safety and reliability of a Swiss bank.

If you wish to manage your portfolio online we introduce you to the most professional and complete multi-product online trading platform on the market. It enables you to trade Forex, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures and FX Forwards and Options from one, fully integrated online platform.

The prices at Corner Bank (Schweiz) AG  are highly competitive and there is no depositary fee.

  • Over 160 FX pairs (incl. spot Gold and Silver)
  • Over 40 FX Options
  • Over 7.300 CFD’s on 23 exchanges
  • Over 14.000 Stocks on 24 exchanges
  • Over 140 Futures contracts on 20+ exchanges
  • Over 1.300 ETF’s and ETC’s

If you want to see a Demo or wish to open an account please contact us anytime.