Volatility - Strategie

TVS PERFORMANCE DATA  in % (start Jan.1, 2022) 

  Jan Feb Mar Apr  Mai  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec  Year
2022 6,4 6,1 0,0  10,7  8,6  6,6  4,4  3,4  2,0  1,2  -0,2 2,3   64,4
2023  -2,5  2,4 -2,0  -3,8  -0,7   -6,1  -3,8 3,1  6,5  4,8      -2,6 



Description: The Volatility Strategy is an investment strategy that aims to generate returns by capitalizing on the managers view that the re-rating of asset prices due to changes in global central bank policy will create volatility in the financial markets. The strategy seeks to produce returns through long and short positions in highly liquid financial instruments like indices, currencies and metals.

The Program works particularly well in volatile market conditions.The primary objective is to generate superior returns during volatile market conditions, and preserve capital during periods when markets are stable. The Strategy is designed to provide a unique and effective hedge to Beta exposure or to provide standalone Alpha for  investors who share this outlook.

Investment Objectives: Growth. Designed to capture macro economic shifts and short-term price movements and reversals, the manager will use long and short positioning as a means to accomplish their objective.

Trading Strategy: Absolute Return.The strategy seeks to profit from volatile market conditions to produce consistently high returns uncorrelated to the financial markets.

Risk Management and Controls: All funds are deposited with fully licensed Swiss Banks. Clients have full on-line access and control of their account and can liquidate at anytime. The strategy never invests in a position long or short that uses no more than 10- 15% of the Margin availability. Order management with stop-loss / stop-profit limits are used to limit the risk to the defined parameter of 10-15%.The Volatility Strategy offers a dynamic risk profile which aims for returns of 30% to 50% with a risk profile at 10% to 15% cutoff.

Fees/Performance: Management Fee is 0,5% monthly for accounts up to 50.000 and 0,25% for accounts above 50.000. In addition the manager charges a  Quarterly Performance Fee of 20% based on the High-Watermark standard.

Account/Liquidity: Clients have full on-line access and control of their account and can liquidate at anytime. For further questions please contact the manager.

Asset Class / Markets: The strategy trades highly liquid CFD’s (Contract for Difference) in the major markets focusing mainly on Indices, Currencies and Metals.






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