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About Us

Who We Are?
SwissDirekt - your experienced and trusted partner
SwissDirekt AG, a licensed Wealth Management Firm headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, boasts a rich operational history dating back to our establishment in 200X?. Under the regulatory oversight of the Swiss financial regulator FINMA, we hold authorisation to provide services in portfolio and investment management, family office services and tax structuring solutions.
Our esteemed clientele comprises of private individuals, family offices, and corporate entities, all of whom repose trust in our dedication, trustworthiness, transparency, and integrity. We exclusively cater to a select group of entrepreneurs and international investors and their family’s seeking exceptional performance, positive influence, and sustainability in their investments. These discerning clients value cutting-edge global expertise and seek peace of mind when navigating the financial markets and making their wealth-related decisions.
Confidentiality & Trust
At SwissDirekt AG, we recognize that the management of high net worth assets goes beyond just financial expertise; it hinges on the bedrock principles of trust and confidentiality. These principles are not just core values for us; they are the foundation of our relationship with each client.

High net worth individuals often have intricate financial landscapes, which include diverse assets, investments, and holdings. We fully understand the sensitive nature of this information. Rest assured that all your financial data, from account balances to investment strategies, is treated with the utmost discretion. We have rigorous data security measures in place to protect your information from unauthorized access and breaches.

We respect your need for privacy. Your identity and financial affairs will always remain confidential. We take great care to ensure that your personal and financial information is accessible only to authorized personnel who require it to serve your interests.
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